madur Polska Sp. z o.o

Gas analysis and gas measurement

madur Polska Sp.z o.o. is a globally recognized manufacturer of gas analyzers and produces measurement systems for emission control and other industrial processes. Kirsten Controlsystems GmbH is your long-term partner. Thanks to many years of experience with madur analyzers, Kirsten Controlsystems offers professional sales and service support in Germany. We are also an official partner of Kirsten Controlsystems GmbH and through this connection we can offer a smooth distribution process!

Gas analysis equipment from madur: Applications and industries

The madur product portfolio is an optimal addition to the EP gas measuring and calibration system and is used in various industries. Applications are, for example.

  • Automotive: Control and regulation of exhaust gases
  • BIOgas plants: Control of methane production processes from biomass
  • Industrial Emissions: Monitoring the fumes emitted into the atmosphere by factories and power plants

Gas analyzers and gas equiment from madur