HVAC & refrigeration technology

Test benches for heat pumps, HVAC units, gas heating, refrigeration and other

Test benches according to standard (DIN EN 14511, 5801, 13141-8)

The energy efficiency of various heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems is the decisive benchmark for operating costs and environmental friendliness. EP-E supports you in the functional testing of your components such as heat pumps, heat exchangers, gas heating, ventilation units, chillers and valves, controllers and sensors in compliance with the required standards. We build test benches that are tailored to your requirements and products.

Best Practices - Our systems in use

    • Measurement technology for heat pumps, climate chamber
    • Simulation of environmental conditions
    • Measurement according to standard DIN EN 14511
    • Temperature: -25 to +50°C
    • Humidity: +10 to +92 %rH
    • Purging air test bench
    • Testing of decentralized ventilation units according to DIN EN ISO 13141-8
    • Volume flow: 20 to 200 m³/h
    • Temperature: -10 to 50°C
    • Humidity: 0 to 100 % rH
    • Gas heater testing
    • Endurance test of gas heaters
    • Test for heat exchangers at different load and temperature changes (shock test)
    • Power range from 2 to 45 kW
    • Fan test benches
    • Measurement of fans / ventilators / blowers
    • Characteristic curve determination of fans
    • Flow range up to 100.000 m³/h
    • High measurement accuracy up to 1% MV (optional 0.5% MV)
    • HVAC & acustic test bench
    • Volume flow: 1 to 1000 m³/h
    • Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5% MV
    • Use of laminar flow elements
    • Acoustics regulation < 25 dB (A)
    • Valve test bench for valve casing
    • Pressure & leakage test of valve casing
    • Test pressure: 0 to 400 bar
    • Medium: water
    • High pressure test bench for cooling units
    • Leakage measurement of air coolers
    • Test pressure: 0 to 100 bar
    • Medium: nitrogen

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We offer you a comprehensive range of services. Get to know our test benches and do not hesitate to introduce us to your requirements! For special requirements, we advise you!

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