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SICK Prozessindustrie Tage 2017

EP-E will participate in the SICK Prozessindustrie Tage 2017 at the expert meeting with current topics from science, business and politics.

On 21 and 22 September 2017, the SICK Prozessindustrie Tage 2017 will take place in Bamberg. In addition to numerous interesting lectures, EP-E will also address the topic "Calibration Systems for Flow Measurement Measures to Ensure the Recalculation Requirements of ISO 9001".

Further information on the agenda and further lectures can be found here or directly in the program booklet of the SICK Prozessindustrietage 2017.

Trainings 2018: Flow Measuring Techniques and Calibration

We invite you to discover with us the very diverse aspects and the possibilities of modern Flow Measuring Techniques and Flow Calibration.

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