Endurance & pulsation test benches

Endurance / stress / life tests (flow, pressure & temperature)

Operating system tests

High quality production requires precision and reliability. Operational and endurance tests are necessary in order to be able to guarantee high quality. During cyclic stress tests (pressure & temperature cycles) components are tested for fatigue. The tests are used for the continuous stress test (e.g. plastic-aging-tests) of various appliances with different pressure and temperature curves. We build test benches according to your requirements: e.g. for long-term or short-term tests under static or pulsating test conditions as well as other factors. Introduce us to your requirements!

Application examples: Test benches for your products...

  • Charge Air Coolers (CAC)
  • Heat exchanger
  • Pressurized housing
  • Heaters
  • Automotive components
  • Valves
  • Filter housing
  • Through-flowed components

Best Practices - Our systems in use

    • Overview endurance test benches
    • Pressure and / or temperature cycling tests
    • Introduce us to your requirements!
    • Long-term stress test of components made of plastic or steel
    • Pressure change test: -0.8 ... + 6 bar rel.
    • Tests with media temperatures up to 300°C
    • Environmental simulation: -40 to + 200°C
    • Pressure curves: trapezoid, sine, triangle
    • Pressure cycle test of charge air coolers
    • Pressure change test: 0 to 7 bar rel.
    • Environmental simulation: 30 to 200°C
    • Automatic leakage test of components after "x" cycles
    • "Simple" pulsation tests in over pressure and vakuum
    • Pressure range: -0.8 bar to 8 bar
    • Pressure curve similar to trapezoidal profile
    • Testing of several test pieces simultaneously possible
    • Manual adjustment of profile, amplitude and gradient
    • Hydraulic test bench for oil modules
    • Pulsation tests: pressure & temperature changes
    • Pressure: 0 to 50 bar g
    • Temperature: -40 to 50°C
    • Medium: oil
    • Temperature change test for charge air coolers
    • Temperature gradient up to 40 K / sec
    • Temperature range up to 300°C
    • Mass flow charge air up to 1000 kg/h
    • Mass flow of cooling air up to 3600 kg/h
    • Long-term life tests
    • Endurance test of components made of plastic or steel
    • Temperature range up to 300°C
    • Testing of several test items simultaneously possible

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