EP gas measurement technology

Innovative solutions - EP gas measurement systems

  • Flow measurement

  • Flow calibration

  • Gas pressure regulation

  • Gas sample quality determination

System Overview

Various projects have already been realized and successfully implemented in the field of gas measurement technology. Whether it’s measuring, regulating, data collection or evaluation - EP offers a variety of measurement methods for the conception of an optimal solution for your application. The EP product range includes measurement technologies such as flow measurement, gas pressure regulating, gas calibration, gas quantity measurement, smart metering and other methods. Do not hesitate and present us your requirements!

Application examples

    • GasPro - Mobile gas sampler
    • Gas sampler for determining the gas burn value
    • ATEX conform
    • Adjustment test bench for domestic gas meters
    • Highest accuracy by the use of sonic nozzles
    • Calibration of gas meters (domestic gas meters, ultrasonic gas meters, thermoelectric gas meters)
    • Calibration loop for gas meters
    • Closed Loop test bench for flow rates up to 1600 m³/h
    • Calibratiion of gas meters at different pressure levels
    • Wobbe Control System for natural gas
    • Mixing facility of natural gas – for constant energy content
    • Wobbe index regulation

Best Practices - Our systems in use / Watch the product video

GMC - G1.6..G400 Adjustment test bench for domestic gas meters

The test bench is especially designed for the calibration of domestic gas meters (diaphragm gas meters, ultrasonic gas meters, thermoelectric gas meters). The test bench has a modular design - it is possible to combine 1x6 to 4x6 clamping points for gas meters. The modular design allows 1 to 12 gas meters to be tested simultaneously. In parallel, up to twelve test specimens can be adapted, run in and leak tested. The leak tests are carried out automatically. The gas meters are tested at three or more measuring points. A Magazine made of three sonic nozzles is used as a flow sensor. The nozzle Magazine can be exchanged with just a few hand movements so that up to five different gas meter types can be calibrated on one test bench. Optionally, a nozzle drum with nine combinable nozzles can be used. This allows the generation of up to 512 different flow points. This means that all five gas meter types G1.6..G10 can be tested without nozzle change.

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