Leakage- & burst test benches

Leak & burst testing solutions

In order to guarantee that components such as valves, pumps, hoses and other components or groups of components are free of leakage, leak-tightness measurements are carried out. We offer leakage test benches for various pressure ranges in both low pressure and high pressure ranges. We have already been able to realize numerous projects for various customer-specific requirements:

Leakage test benches for ..

  • Automotive components such as of brake and fuel lines, fuel filters, fuel tanks
  • the measurement of valves (e.g. tank ventilation valve, gas valve, high pressure valve)
  • Domestic appliances e.g. testing individual components such as e.g. pumps, hoses, valves
  • Products in HVAC (power engineering) e.g. gas meters, refrigerators, water pumps

In addition, we offer bursting test benches to test load bearing elements for stressing, pressurized elements. The components to be tested are pressurized until they burst. Depending on the requirements (e.g. depending on medium, pressure range, static or pulsating tests), we build your test bench. We have already been able to implement the following project examples:

Test benches for bursting ...

  • Heat exchangers, coolers, water pumps, hoses (e.g. automotive, power engineering, domestic appliances)
  • (Diesel) fuel lines, compressed air tanks (e.g. automotive)
  • Micro nozzles, tubes of inhalers (e.g. pharma and medicine) control cabinets (ATEX area)

For our test systems, we offer you own software applications (e.g. in LabVIEW) in which hardware and software are perfectly coordinated. Our service team will advise you, present your requirements to us!

Best practice - Unsere Systeme im Einsatz

    • LTB Mobile - Leakage measurement on tanks (low flow)
    • Use of laminar flow elements for volume flow measurement
    • According to the US standard EPA 40 §1066.985
    • Measurement accuracy ± 0.8% MV + 0.05% EV (0.2 - 3Nl/min)
    • Mobile design
    • Burst & leak test stand for fuel return lines
    • Pressure tests up to 500 bar
    • Optional temperature control
    • Determination of the leakage rate by means of a high-pressure piston controller
    • High pressure test bench for refrigerators
    • Testing of refrigeration air generators for leaks
    • Test pressure: 0 to 100 bar
    • Medium: nitrogen
    • Leakage test bench for various components
    • Leakage measurement at e.g. casings
    • Use of laminar flow elements
    • Volume flow: 6 to 800 l / min
    • Measuring accuracy ± 1% MV in the range 1:10
    • Pressure and leakage test on valve housings
    • Functional test of different valves
    • 24/5000 Test pressure: 0 to 400 barr
    • Medium: water

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We offer you a comprehensive range of services. Get to know our test benches and do not hesitate to introduce us to your requirements! For special requirements, we advise you!

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