EP Primary Standards

Flow calibration with air and other gases

  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001/2008

  • Partner of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Germany)

  • Traceable to SI units length and time

  • High measurement uncertainty up to ≤ 0.06% (k=2)

  • Direct calibration of sonic nozzles and other flow-adjusting DUTs

System Overview

Over the past few years, we at EP-E have designed and introduced a series of primary standards designed for use in calibration laboratories. As a technology partner of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig, our solutions are based on the highest standard.

Application examples

    • Overview Primary Standards
    • Bell Prover: BP100, BP250
    • Piston Prover: DPF120, DPF6000, BPP2000, BPP10,000
    • BP250 gas measuring bell - System PTB
    • Calibration standard for sonic nozzles, gas meters, differential pressure gauges and others
    • Primary standard 250 m³/h
    • Uncertainty ≤ 0.06% (k=2)
    • DPF6000 - Double Piston Flow Comparator
    • Calibration standard for gas meters, sonic nozzles, MFM, LFE, venturi nozzles and leak testers
    • Primary standard 6000 ml/h
    • Uncertainties up to 0.15% (k=2)
    • BPP10,000 - Bell Piston Prover
    • Calibration standard for gas meters, sonic nozzles, MFM, LFE, venturi nozzles
    • Primary standard 10,000 l/h
    • Uncertainties up to 0.08% (k=2)

Typical industry-applications:

  • Calibration laboratories
  • Sensor industry

Best Practices - Bell Prover BP100 & BP250

The gas flow bells BP100 and BP250 are primary standards for flow calibration with air. The cylindrical, closed top hollow body (bell cylinder) sinks to generate a flow in a filled with barrier liquid jar and displaces the trapped air volume. Depending on the sinking speed of the bell, a volume flow is generated, which in turn can be attributed to the SI units length and time. The system is based on a proven technology that is used worldwide in national metrology institutes for the calibration of nozzles and other standards. The bells BP100 and BP250 are of identical design, but differ in size and thus in flow. In the PTB variant, measurement uncertainties <0.06% (k=2) are possible, making Ehrler Prüftechnik's gas measuring bells one of the most accurate calibration systems in the world.

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