Hot-Wire Anemometer

Partnermanagement: Kanomax

Smart CTA: Constant temperature anemometry

A Hot-Wire Anemometer (HWA) is a very simple instrument for measuring the turbulence intensity of the air flow and for its frequency analysis. An HWA determines the air velocities from analog electrical signals that are continuously output by the CTA* feedback circuit. The hot wire sensors are very small and have a diameter of a few micrometers. As a result, they offer high thermal sensitivity. These small sensors make it possible to collect information about the microstructure of the flow. The velocity distribution can also be measured by passing through the probe.

The Smart CTA is a professional but user-friendly hot wire anemometer. In a compact design, two CTA units are integrated, making it possible to use not only a one-dimensional probe, but also a two-dimensional probe with only one main unit. The Smart CTA offers frequency responses of up to 20 kHz and can therefore be used for many applications.

*CTA – constant temperature anemometry


  • Investigation of airflow turbulence of rotating parts such as fans, turbines, unmanned aircraft blades, etc.
  • Measurement of air flow turbulence in buildings or nearby overhead lines
  • Measurement of air flow fluctuations and frequency analysis of turbulence – measurement of a pulsating flow
  • Examination of noise generated by the air flow
  • Air flow investigations in wind tunnels

Special features

  • 2 CTA channels integrated in one unit (expandable up to 16 channels)
  • Frequency responses up to 20 kHz
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Software support from probe calibration to measurement

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