Gas flow meter

Calibration standard for low flows

Our ReciFlow™ is an extremely accurate flow meter for gases. The measurement principle is based on a proven technique of a flow-through piston. The gas flow meter is characterized by high measurement accuracy and reliability!

Technical data

Flow range*0.5…500 ml/min
Accuracy volumetric±0.3% MV +0.006 ml/min
Accuracy norm volume flow**±0.4% MV +0.006 ml/min
Reproducibility±0.15% MV +0.002 ml/min
Pressure range0.25…2.5 bar
*Final value as operating volume flow, initial value as norm volume flow
**Ambient temperature range 20.24 °C and pressure range 950..1050 mbar absolute.
Outside this specification, the measuring accuracy must be corrected by 0.1%.

The long-term stability (1 year) of ± 0.1% is included..

Measurement principle

Position of piston is measured continuously. Direction of piston movement is controlled by valves 1 and 2. The piston reciprocates in the tube, making the measurement continuous. A bypass valve 3 is opened when the instrument is shut down. Valves 1 and 2 are used to shut off the flow when in dosing mode.

Working principle


  • Continuous measurement
  • Faster and more reliable calibrations
  • Flexible adjustment of the flow volume
  • Easy to use intuitive touch panel user interface
  • Large pressure range that is not limited to ambient pressure

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