by Kirsten Controlsystems

Because the diversity of measurement technology can not be covered on a single software program, Kirsten Controlsystems has focused on the measurement of physical signals of the environment and process engineering, which was realized in the software programs Trendows, MessData and ProduktCat.


The software for measurement, testing and visualization

The Trendows® software system was designed specifically for recording continuous measurements. Reliable recording of measured values and visualization of physical measurement signals with the help of function-oriented picture elements are the main focus.

Field of application:
  • Emission measurement
  • Online monitoring of environmental parameters in pharmaceutical production
  • Quality control of thermal processes
  • Test benches for fans and motors
  • Customized individual applications


Measurement – comparison – documentation of device characteristics

For test benches on which products are measured for development or quality assurance, a comparative view or compliance and documentation of the performance values is necessary. For such tasks, the database-based software MessData is responsible, which specifically compares the performance characteristics as characteristic curves.

Modern data management and user-friendly software offers the user:
  • Immediate conversion of measurement results into meaningful, uniform evaluations
  • Secure, central data storage
  • Uniform, constantly comparable measurement performance
  • Reduced measuring times due to automated process
Field of application:
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Motors


The digital selection catalog for an optimal search for fans

ProduktCat is the consistent use of the recorded data from MessData. With the data in MessData and a corresponding duty point specification from the user, ProduktCat searches for the fans that optimally cover the duty point.

While MessData is mainly used for the development of a product, ProduktCat is used for sales, as a digital selection catalog, to find a product for the appropriate application.