WT50 – Wind Tunnel


The wind tunnel is basically designed as test equipment for calibration of meteorological sensors with automatic measuring, data acquisition and control. The wind tunnel is an open flow channel after the Eiffel design without a wind recirculation. The flow guide takes place via a setting chamber with a rectifier and screening and a nozzle. Typical application would be test and calibration of wind speed sensors, wind fans, etc. Its open construction with the measuring section in the suction part enables compact dimensions. Mechanically interface to device under test (DUT) is a flexible connecting system inside measuring section. For collecting of sensor signals of DUT a input tableau / patch panel near the door is included. The inner diameter of the measuring section is approx. 650mm. For generating of air flow a speed controlled fan is included. The system is controlled by a PC with the corresponding measuring and control software in LabView as well as an TFT monitor for communicating with the system operator and for parameter entry. All the measured and calculated values will be displayed and stored by the control system. The system is cited as a test bench for operation.

Technical data

Flow velocity0.15…50 m/sec
Degree of turbulence< 0.5%
Ambient temperature0…50°C
Barometric ambient pressure800…1200 hPa
Ambient humidity 0…90% rH

Features of the Eiffel-designs

  • No influence from the fan
  • No turbulence by deflection of the flow (bends, etc.)
  • Calmed air is sucked from ambient (observe location!)
  • The temperature in the measuring section corresponds substantially to the air temperature in the ambient
  • The degree of turbulance at 2..50 m/s is 1% of measured value in working section (radius of 175 mm from tunnel center)

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