Test benches & Measurement technology

for flow, leckage, pressure and temperature

A test bench or measuring units must exactly meet the requirements of your application. We therefore offer you tailor-made solutions for your metrological application in the areas of volume and mass flow, pressure control, the measurement of small gaseous quantities as well as high pressure and high temperature testing. Of course, we check in advance whether an existing process can be adapted to keep the effort as low as possible. If we cannot individualize a standard solution, we will develop a new solution together with you.

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Project management & Software solutions

We design and develop a tailor-made solution in close consultation with you. An experienced project manager is at your side from project planning through to commissioning.

Industries & Applications

We are Germany’s leading provider of individual measurement technology solutions. Our test benches are used in almost every industry and in numerous areas.

Automotive & Automation

Test benches for components related to the engine, such as exhaust gas turbochargers, hot-film air mass meters or heat exchangers.


Mobile pressure and flow measurement system for engine injection nozzles or test benches for hydraulic testing of engine components.

House & Energy Technology

Test benches for heat pumps, decentralized ventilation devices, fans and blowers. Testing of gas heaters or leak testing.

Gas & Flow Measurement, Calibration Standards

Flow test bench for calorimetric flow sensors as well as measuring and calibration systems for the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB).

Pharma & Medicine

Test benches for inhaler tests, high pressure tests with water or measuring and control components for blood pumps.


Flow measurement based on differential pressure (orifice plates, venturi nozzles), systems with supercritical laval nozzles and the development of special nozzles.

Fluid & Valve Technology

Test benches for tank ventilation valves, ABS valves or industrial and hydraulic valves. Automated test benches for air, gas and oil valves.

Sensor Industry

Calibration system for flow sensors, calibration of very low-flows, test benches for flow sensors based on the calorimetric measuring principle with water.