Media conditioning & climate testing

Media or air conditioning (T, rh, p) is used as a test method for environmental simulation or temperature control of the ambient air of components from various industries (e.g. HVAC-R, automotive industry). Test items are tested according to standards under the required environmental conditions. The temperature ranges start at -20 °C and usually end at around 60 °C. Depending on the application, we can offer you customer-specific temperature, pressure or humidity ranges.

Current test systems on the market that are used to test air / water heat pumps, for example, are climatic chambers with a cooling, heating and humidification unit attached to the roof. The disadvantage of this concept is that a homogeneous temperature and humidity distribution cannot be set in the cube-like room. Based on test engineering concepts in the automotive industry, EPE developed a concept in which the air flows in a closed circuit (loop design). This is blown into and out of the chamber via a flow straightener. The temperature control (cooling, heating) and humidification takes place outside the chamber. The result of this concept is a very excellent homogeneous temperature and humidity distribution. In addition, it is possible to set and vary the air flow depending on the standard conditions in the loop.

Test benches for environmental testing

Test methods

  • Simulation of the environmental conditions of the components to be tested
  • Conditioning – controlling, regulating, measuring:
    Water (temperature, pressure, volume, density)
    Air (temperature, pressure, volume, density, humidity)


Environmental simulation

Temperature and humidity conditioning

Closed Loop Design

Compliance with the required test standards


Heat pump
test bench
Purge air
test bench
Gas heating
test bench
Fan and blower test benchesHVAC acoustic test benchFlow channel for room air sensors
Test itemHeat pumpDecentralized ventilation unitsHeat exchanger of the gas heating systemsFan and blowersHVAC modulesRoom air sensors
StandardDIN EN 14511DIN EN ISO 13141-8DIN EN ISO 5801 or AMCA 210
MediumAirAirWaterAir AirAir
Temperature control-25…+50 °C7…21 °C (expandable)0…120 °C10…40 °C
Humidity control10…92 % r.h.10…92 % r.h.5…80 % r.h.
Flow or velocity control1000…7000 m³/h20…200 m³/h1… 100,000 m³/h1…1000 m³/h0.3…0.5 m/s
Key Benefit, ApplicationClosed-loop design for dynamic, uniform T and H control and an optimized safety concept (ATEX Zone 2), a wide range of expansion levels possibleDetermination of thermal performance indicators
of alternating ventilation devices
Endurance test of gas heaters (2… 45 kW); different load conditions and temperature changes (e.g. shock temperature changes)Characteristic curve recording of fans and blowersTesting and determination of characteristic curves of HVAC modulesTesting room sensors under conditioned conditions (air velocity, temperature, humidity, CO2 content)