Safety is all that counts in aviation. The highest level of safety can only be obtained through greatest possible accuracy. It is this accuracy acquired over many years of experience in measurement and test engineering which makes us so interesting for many aviation companies. We already developed two truly innovative test applications for this industry.

Maximum mobility: pressure and flow measurement systems for engine injectors nozzles

The portable unit consists of a measurement and a control system a case which holds up to 30 standard orifices. The measurement & control system is PC controlled to ensure an accurate measurement of air volume flows and mass flows. It is also possible to calculate the free cross-section of the test items. The core of the system is a laptop with USB data capturing hardware for an analogue and digital processing of the measured values. Power for the sensors is supplied via the casing of the measurement & control unit which also houses the measurement track and the sensors. It is possible to freely configure different measurement programmes for different measurement ranges or measurands, for example. The measurement results can be read and stored via simple keystrokes. The results are saved to an ASCII file with a defined separator to allow for an import to a spreadsheet application, like e.g. MS Excel.

Test bench for a hydraulic testing of engine components

The system is used to test flow performance and leak tightness of the components at defined pressures and temperatures. The test medium (Mobil Jet Oil 2) shall be heated from 15 °C and 80 °C. The pressure (0 to 5 bar) is set manually at the test item. Flow and pressure are controlled via a manually operated air regulating throttle. The system operator has to carry out visual inspections which are integrated into the test workflow. The results can be entered and stored in the test software. The test bench computer captures and stores the measurement data. In addition, a measurement log can be printed for each item tested.

Keep the lead in the market: With measurement and test equipment made by EPE

Truly innovative applications which we can offer the industry faster and cheaper than existing solutions. We have already started cooperation with SR Technics Group, one of the world’s largest companies in aircraft maintenance services, and MTU, Germany’s leading aircraft engine manufacturer and global number one of independent commercial aero engine maintenance services.

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