High Pressure – Leakage Test Bench

Resistance test at overpressure

The system is used to test for leakage at overpessure. In this application example, the test items are self-contained refrigerated air conditioner used for cooling trolley cabinets in aircraft kitchens. The refrigeration circuit of the test items consists of different compoonents such as pipes, condenser, repoiler, compressor, rupture disk, pressure switch, valve and other which are tested for leakage. The system is controlled via a PC with measurement data acquisition hardware and measurement and control software under LabVIEW.

Technical data

Test pressure0…100 bar
Bottle pressure0…250 bar
Ambient pressure800…1200 mbar
Ambient temperature0…50 °C
Ambient humidity0…100 % rH
*This is only an exemplary design and
may change for your application.


Resistance test (Proof Pressure Test):
In this test, the resistance of the refrigeration circuit is checked at overpressure. Nitrogen is used as test gas.

Pressure Switch Test:
The pressure switch test checks the proper functionality of the pressure switch in the refrigeration circuit.


  • Leakage measurement on vehicle components
  • Leakage measurement on refrigeration units
  • Leakage measurement on enclosures
  • Leakage measurement on valves and claps

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