Mobile Leakage Test Bench

Low-flow rate measurement

In this application example, the test bench is used for measuring the flow rate of small quantities or leakage at vehicle tank systems. The system meets the requirements of the US standard EPA 40 §1066.985. The system is designed for operation with gaseous nitrogen in an ATEX zone free space. The test system is mounted as a mobile unit in a rack structure (similar to a musicer box).

The system is supplied with nitrogen via an integrated compressed gas cylinder. The leakage or volume flow is measured by a Laminar Flow Element LFE and corresponding additional sensors. The test setup includes a LFE measuring section with a measuring range of 0.2 – 3Nl/min. The measurement accuray of the system for the volume flow is ±0.8% MV +0.05% EV in the area specified above. The system control is carried out by a laptop with external measurement data acquisition hardware and measurement and control software under LabVIEW.

Technical data

Test pressure0…50 hPa
Leak volume flow0.2…3 Nl/min
Barometric ambient pressure800…1200 hPa
Ambient temperature0…50°C
*This is only an exemplary design and may change for your application.


  • Highest measurement accuracy ±0.8% MV +0.05% EV
  • Leakage measurement for minimum volume flow rates
  • No loose wires, tubes or cables
  • Mobile & compact

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