Pressure & Leakage Test Bench

Resistance test with testing medium water

In this application example, the system is used for pressure testing various valve bodies with water as the test medium. Standard enclosures (flange enclosures), GS enclosures and ball sector enclosures are tested for pressure resistance and tightness. The parts to be tested are inserted manually by the system operator. The pressure build-up with the desired test pressure as well as the corresponding evaluation (iO/ NiO) is carried out automatically by the system. The pressure generation is controlled by the servo motor driven EPE HPC piston controller. The system is controlled via a PC with external data acquisition hardware and measurement and control software under LabVIEW.

Technical data

Test pressure0…400 bar
Measurement accuracy±0.1% EV
Clamping pressure0…200 bar


  • Performance test of various valves
  • Test medium is ordinary tap or domestic water
  • Use of the EPE HPC piston controller for pressure generation and leakage measurement

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