Software presentations

we have an extensive pool of software modules with which we can meet all requirements precisely according to your wishes. Take a look at our presentations and documentation to get a deeper insight into the possibilities of our software. If you have any questions, our sales staff will be happy to help.

Software library

Each test bench software includes a basic functionality and project-specific extensions. In the following presentation you will find out what is included in the basic functionality and which extensions you can choose for it. You will also learn more about source code availability.

Software applications

With our graphical user interfaces, you can effortlessly control your test bench software. The following presentation gives you an insight into standard interfaces and project-specific views.

Communication interfaces

Devices are connected to one another by means of interfaces in order to enable data exchange. We have already been able to gain experience with various interfaces:

Ethernet TCP – text messages (e.g. ASCII)
Ethernet TCP – raw data (byte-oriented)
Ethernet TCP – Modbus – (server or client)
Data socket
HTTP (web services)
FTP (upload / download)
SMTP (mail dispatch)
NI Network Streams
Foundation Fieldbus
RS 232 – text messages (e.g. ASCII)
RS 485 – text messages (e.g. ASCII)
RS 485 – Modbus (client)

EP Lib

The EP-Lib is the object-oriented LabVIEW basic library from Ehrler Prüftechnik Engineering GmbH and provides all basic software functions for test benches. In the following document you will get to know these basic functions.