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What’s on your to-do list?

What’s on your to-do list? Software and IoT in test bench …

Outlook 2021

In the new year 2021 we are offering you further free product online presentations: Gas meter GM16 LMF® – LaminarMasterFlow SMF® – SonicMasterFlow HPT – heat pump test bench ReciFlow and much more Our activities in the …

Simulating breathing air flows

Measurement technology in the medical industry The flow generator for calibrating flow sensors (air) for lung function diagnostics is a current system highlight. The test system is particularly characterized by the generation of stable …

Reliability & Precision at high pressure: Flow meter low flow gas meter

The rotary positive displacement (RPD) reference gas meters GM4 and GM16 meet the highest demands on reliable and accurate reference gas flow measurement down to 0.01 m³/h. Due to their special, patent-pending impeller design pulsation …

Flow training 2020

Flow measurement technology and calibration

Our training dates are set!

Basic: Block 1
1st December, 2020, duration: 1 day

Advanced: Block 1 + 2
1st-2nd December 2020, duration: 2 days

Specialist: Block 1 + 2 + 3
1st-3rd December 2020, duration: 3 days

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