Leakage & burst pressure testing

Test benches for leak and pressure tests

The leakage and pressure resistance of components is important in many areas, e.g. for security and / or cost reasons, important. It is therefore often necessary to carry out a corresponding component test. We have already been able to implement numerous projects for a wide variety of customer-specific requirements. Typical test items here are, for example, valves, pumps, hoses and others.

EPE offers you leakage test benches for different pressure ranges, both in the low pressure and high pressure range. We also build burst pressure and pressure resistance test benches to test the pressure of elements under pressure. The components to be tested are pressurized, if necessary, until they burst.

For our test systems, we offer you our own software applications (e.g. in LabVIEW) in which hardware and software are perfectly coordinated.

From charge air coolers for cars to inhalers for asthma sprays, we have already developed and implemented test benches for all conceivable test items. Introduce us to your requirements!

Project examples for leak and burst pressure test benches

Test item examples

  • Automotive components
  • Plastic components
  • Hydraulic components
  • Hoses, pipes and pipe connections
  • Fan components


Resistance & functional test

Low & high pressure ranges

Adjusted temperature conditions

Adapted to test standards

Comprehensive specifications

Leckage test benchesBurst pressure test benches
Pressure rangeUp to 500 barUp to 4000 bar
Pressure rise rateup to 1000 bar/s
MediumGases and liquids e.g.
air, nitrogen, water, diesel, etc.
Liquids e.g.
Water, diesel, etc.
Temperature range Preferably ambient temperature-40…200 °C
ParameterPressure or temperature ramps, holding times, repetitionsPressure or temperature ramps, holding times, repetitions
Possible proceduresPressure rise or pressure drop measurement, underwater testing, volumetric leakage measurement, flow rate leakage measurementPressure intensifier, piston controller driven by an electric motor
ApplicationIncoming goods testing, in-process testing, end-of-line testing, development testingIncoming goods testing, in-process testing, end-of-line testing, development testing