Burst Pressure Test Bench

Burst test of micro nozzles up to 400 bar

The burst test facility is used to test the strength of the composite of micromechanical components. The test item in the project example are micro nozzles which are separated from bonded wafers in individual nozzles. A certain number of nozzles is tested per wafer. The nozzles to be tested are inserted into a magazine for this purpose.

The burst pressure test is then performed automatically. The test pressure generation is designed up to 1000 bar but is in the system at 550 bar by means of a rupture disclimited. With the help of the bursting noise and the pressure curve before and after the bursting and by applying parameterisable criteria, the system decides independently whether a nozzle has burst in conformity with the process or not. The handling of the test specimen, the adaption of the test item as well as the measurement data acquisition is done automatically. The test pressure is generated by the HPC piston controller developed by EPE.

Technical data

Test pressureUp to 1000 bar
Mediume.g. Water, oil, and other
Data acquisition / controlPC/SPS/Fully automatic
*This is only an exemplary design and
may change for your application.


  • Different test pressures adjustable according to requirements
  • Data acquisition/control according to requirements via PC/SPS/fully automatic
  • Fully automatic operation over a whole shift (8h) without operator intervention by automatic part tracking (test specimen magazine, seal magazine)

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