Environmental simulation and thermal conditioning

EPE climate test benches simulate the environmental conditions for the functional test of individual components or assemblies and that conforms to standards.

The degree of energy efficiency of various heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems is the decisive yardstick for operating costs and environmental friendliness. EPE supports you in the functional testing of your components such as heat pumps, heat exchangers, gas heating systems, ventilation devices, refrigeration machines as well as valves, controllers and sensors in compliance with the required standards. We build test benches that are tailored to your requirements and products.

Media or air conditioning is used as a test technique for environmental simulation or temperature control of the ambient air of components. Test specimens are tested according to standards under the required environmental conditions. The temperature ranges start at -20 ° C and usually end at around 60 ° C. Depending on the application, we can offer you customer-specific temperature, pressure or humidity ranges.

(Air/water) conditioning – control, regulate, measure

Leakage tests

We also test for leaks: By using our leak test stands, automotive components, fittings and other components or assemblies can be checked for leaks. Depending on the test requirements, our systems are designed specifically for customers.

Check according to regulations, verification and calibration

We also offer test becnhes or measuring systems for testing a measuring device in compliance with the underlying calibration or system-relevant regulations.

Building services: Calibration of heat meters

We build test benches for the adjustment and calibration of heat meters according to test instructions.
GM-P 7.2 heat meter – flow sensor
As of May 19, 2020

Solutions for testing individual components or complete assemblies for heating, ventilation and cooling technology