Flow measurement

for air, gases & liquids

Our standardized measurement elements are laminar flow elements (LFE), critical nozzles and venturi nozzles, which are combined with sensors and software from our company. This enables us to offer you complete systems that enable the output and conversion of the measured values into volume, mass and standard volume flow.

Our measurement systems LMF® – LaminarMasterFlow®, SMF® – SonicMasterFlow® and VMF® – VenturiMasterFlow® are used and configured as individual measurement systems or in combination with other measurement components in test benches. We can also offer you the ReciFlow ™, which is a flow meter for gases for low flows with highest accuracy.

Depending on the project, we choose the most suitable measuring element for your application. The table below gives an overview of the properties and advantages of the three measurement elements LFE, critical nozzles and venturi nozzles.

Flow measurement technologies


  • Calibration of flow meters e.g. gas meter, LFE, venturi nozzles, Mass Flow Meter (MFM)
  • Recurring calibration tasks e.g. adjustement test benches for production parts (valves, actuators, air mass meters, etc.)
  • Characteristic curve determination
  • Gas conditioning
  • Volume flow measurement


High measurement accuracy

Low pressure drop

Large measurement range

Flexible use


Measurement section Laminar Flow ElementeCritical nozzles
(sonic nozzles)
Venturi nozzles
Measurement principleDifferential pressure measurement at Δp 0.1 to 25 hPa using LFEConstant flow through critical nozzle; different flows through nozzle combinationDifferential pressure measurement at Δp 1 to 500 hPa using a venturi nozzle
Flow range0.012…4000 m³/h0.005…10,000 m³ / h0.04…4000 m³/h
Measurement accuracy0.5…1 % MV0.2…0.3 % MV0.5 % MV
Pressure rangeAtmospheric up to max. 8 barAtmospheric, 1000 hPa absolute up to high pressure ranges taking into account the Joule-Thomsen effectsAtmospheric up to max. 500 bar
MediumAir, other gases on requestAir, natural gas, other gases on requestAir, steam, other gases on request
Temperature range0 up to 50 °CPreferably at ambient temperature (20 to 30 °C)Also suitable for higher temperatures
Key BenefitLarge measurement range of up to 1:100 by direct correlation between pressure drop and flowHigh measurement accuracy and high long-term stabilityAlso suitable for extreme conditions (high temperatures, gases with dirt particles,…)