Laminar Flow Elements

Flow measurement elements with highest accuracy

EP Ehrler Prüftechnik manufactures LFEs in the flow range from 0.012 to 4000 m³/h. In addition to the standard range, EP offers customer-specific LFEs that are perfectly designed for your application. Suitable inlet and outlet sections and the associated mounting accessories are available for all sizes for installation in customer applications.

The achievable measurement accuracy depends significantly on the sensor technology used, in particular on the differential pressure sensor. When using high-quality sensors, measurement accuracies* of up to 0.5 % MV can be achieved with LFEs in the measuring range of 1:10. In order to cover a very wide measurement range without restrictions in measurement accuracy, LFEs with overlapping flow ranges can be combined in one measurement setup. Alternatively, LFEs with correspondingly lower measurement accuracy can also be calibrated for an extended measurement range up to a maximum of 1:100.

*Higher measurement accuracies on request!

Technical data

Flow range0.012 to 4000 m³/h*
Measurement accuracyup to 0.5 % MV*
Widest measurement range up to 1:100*
Low pressure loss up to 20 mbar*
*You can find the exact data in the brochure EPE167727:

Application examples

  • Calibration of flow meters, e.g. gas meters, LFE, Venturi nozzles, MFM, MFC
  • Determination of characteristic curves for valves, fans, filters, etc.
  • Flow measurement, e.g. for intake air measurement on engine test benches or in sample test benches for tank venting valves
  • Production monitoring of components

Product range

  • LFEs in the flow range from 0.012 to 4000 m³/h
  • Suitable inlet and outlet sections as well as mounting accessories
  • Matching air filters
  • LMF® – LaminarMasterFlow® flow measurement systems incl. sensors and EP Flow Processor

LMF® – LaminarMasterFlow® systems

In addition to the individual components, EP Ehrler Prüftechnik also offers LMF® – LaminarMasterFlow® flow measurement systems containing the measurement
section, the necessary sensors and an EP Flow Processor for the evaluation of flow rates. These systems can be configurated and supplied ready for use according to the customer’s specific requirements, e.g. flow range, measurement accuracy, etc.

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