LMF® – LaminarMasterFlow®

High-precision flow measurement of gas and air

The EP LMF® – LaminarMasterFlow® is a complete system for high precision flow measurement of gas and air (volume and mass flow). The LMF® system consists of a flow processor, a Laminar Flow Element (LFE) as measuring section, a cable set and a sensor set.

Different types of flow processors, diverse measurement accuracies, a big range of Laminar Flow Elements in different sizes and some options can be selected application specific and allow a variable system configuration.

Technical specifications

Flow rangeUp to 700 m³/h (opt. 4000 m³/h)
Measurement accuracyDepending on the system configuration between 1.0% MV and 0.5% MV
Measurement rangeUp to 1:100
Operating temperature0…50 °C
Operating pressure (abs.)Atmospheric (optional up to 10 bar)
MediumAir, other gases

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  • Calibration of gas meter, Mass Flow Meter (MFM), LFEs, Venturi Nozzles
  • Characteristic curve determination for valves
  • Characteristic curve measurement for filters
  • Characteristic curve measurement for fans & ventilators

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