Fluid- & Valve Technology

We have built up a wealth of experience in the area of valve and fluid technology and implemented solutions for various industries: fuel tank vent valves, for instance, ABS valves or industrial and hydraulic valves for mechanical engineering. We also manufacture automated test benches for a 100 percent testing of air, gas and oil valves to your specifications.

Test bench for high pressure valves

The system is designed for a semi-automated functional testing of 2/2-way and 3/2-way valves as well as valve blocks with several singular valves with compressed air. The valves are tested for function, seat and outside leakage. The design and adaptation of the test bench are flexible enough to allow for the testing of all test items of the customer. The maximum test pressure for the valves is 550 bar. Due to the high pressure, this test bench is not a standard test bench but was developed to exactly meet the requirements of our customer.

Test bench for proportional pressure and flow control valves

One of our customers commissioned us to develop a system to test proportional pressure and flow control valves. The test bench can be used universally – both as development test bench and series test bench in production. With the use of conversion parts, a broad range of proportional valves can be tested. The benches are retrofitted within a few minutes. Using the modular software, operators can compose “their individual” test programmes from functional modules on editor level.

Universal test bench
with oil as measuring medium

Some of our customers develop and produce hydraulic valves and systems. This includes proportional valves, seat and gate valves as well as mechanically adjustable pressure and flow valves. The maximum operating performance of the test bench is 200 l/min at 420 bar. The connected load is 180 kW. Valves up to NG 16 can be tested. So far, each valve was put to a functional test on one of four universal test benches prior to delivery. To improve this situation, EP Engineering has developed test benches for different, clearly defined test profiles. The unit features an OSD in English.

Resistance & functional test