Gas measuring & monitoring

for gases e.g. natural gas, nitrogen, hydrogen

Regardless of whether recording, controlling or measuring – in the field of gas measurement technology you will find a wide variety of test benches and systems that we have optimized for the field of measurement technology in the field of natural gas and hydrogen. This includes reference gas meters for low-flow measurements, calibration test bench for gas meters in the areas of end-of-line, development or endurance testing and closed-loop or HPPP systems for the overpressure calibration of gas meters. Further details are shown in the table below. In addition, we show two other systems here – the GasPro mobile gas sampler for representative gas sampling to determine the gas quality in the gas network and a Wobbe Control System, a natural gas supply station with a control system for constant calorific value. Our flow measurement technology is therefore specifically tailored to gas technology.

  • Test item measurement and data acquisition evaluation of various gas meter types
  • Measurement technology in Ex areas, etc.

We also benefit from the cooperation with the partner company madur Polska. Sp.z.o.o., which is a manufacturer specializing in various gas analysis devices (GA21plus, stationary gas analyzer maMoS).


  • Calibration of gas meters: diaphragm gas meters, ultrasonic meters, thermoelectric gas meters
  • Low-flow measurement
  • Overpressure calibration
  • Determination of natural gas quality
  • End of Line (EoL) and endurance test


Low & high pressure ranges

ATEX conformity

High measurement accuracy

Closed Loop Design


Reference gas meterGMC gas meter calibrationDevelopment / endurance test benchesClosed Loop test benchHPPP – High Pressure Piston Prover
Pressure rangeAtmospheric up to 6 barAtmosphericAtmosphericOverpressure up to 100 bar15 to 100 bar overpressure
MediumAir, other gases on requestAir, other gases on requestNatural gas, other gases on requestAir, natural gas, other gases on requestNatural gas
Measurement sectionRotary piston gas meter Critical nozzlesCritical nozzles, orifice plates, gas meters and othersGas meterPiston in pipe section
Measurement principleDirect displacement principle with two opposing pistonsConstant flow through critical nozzle; different flows through nozzle combinationDepending on the applicationEvaluation of the reference according to the state of the artPassive, by a driven piston (driven by the gas flow) in a honed tube
Flow range0.01…16 m³/h0.016…160 m³/h0.04…16 m³/h,
0.8…25 m³/h,
others on request
1…1600 m³/h,
larger ranges on request
8…480 m³/h
Measurement accuracy 0.5 % MV0.2…0.3 % MVDepending on the measuring principleDepending on the flowUp to 0.07 % MV
Temperature range 10…40 °C10…40 °C0…50°C10…40 °C18…25 °C
Key BenefitsContinuous and absolutely pulsation-free measurement of low-flow using a reference gas meterUser-friendly end-of-line testing of domestic gas metersEndurance and development tests of gas meters with natural gas (ATEX compliant)Overpressure calibration of flowmetersLowest measurement uncertainty with overpressure calibration of natural gas