RPD Gas meter box

Mobile calibration system for flow meters
Hydrogen approved

The gas meter measurement box convinces with its mobility due to the smart hard case in which our measurement unit is installed. In the test setup, this is connected between the gas meter to be tested and the consumer. The compact calibration equipment is ideally suited for on-site calibrations. Only mains voltage is required for the device to function. After the test item has been properly connected, the measurement software is started on the mobile end device such as a tablet or mobile phone and a connection is established. Now different flow points can be measured and saved. At the push of a button, a protocol in pdf-format is created and saved on the mobile end device. This can then be sent via the available services. For the connection of test items or also for media supply with air, various accessory components can be ordered in a separate case.

Technische Daten

Qmin0.01 m³/h*
Qmax16 m³/h
Measurement range> 1:1000
Measurement accuracy
(@atmosph. cond., air)
0.5 % MV + 0.005 % EV**
Operating pressureup to 6 bar gauge pressure
Measurement time3 min to 3h**
Recalibration period1 x per year***
* depending on operating conditions and measurement duration.
** depending on scope and application.
*** this is only a recommendation.

Reference standard


  • Calibration of flow meters directly on-site
  • Mobile measuring box for data acquisition: Measurement data display via Android app
  • Use of a rotary piston gas meter for a reliable and precise reference measurement

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