Blower Test Bench BTB15,000

Measurement of fans and ventilators according to AMCA 210.

The fan test bench is used to record the characteristic curves of fans with ambient air according to AMCA 210 – the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. This standard contains regulations for testing fans under laboratory conditions. Based on the standard, optimal conditions for measuring fans are created in order to provide qualified measurements. The fan test rig is customized for a volume flow of 0.042 to 4.2 m³/s (150 to 15,000 m³/h) with a measuring accuracy of ± 1% through the use of nozzles. The pressure conditions in the test chamber can be set automatically in a range from -3000 Pa to +1000 Pa. The system is controlled by a PC with data acquisition hardware, data acquisition and appropriate control software.

Technical data

Volume flow0.042…4.2 m³/sec
150…15,000 m³/h
Measurement accuracy± 1%
Temperature0…50 °C
Pressure-3000…+1000 Pa
Humidity0…100 % rH


  • According to AMCA 210
  • High measurement accuracy of ± 1%%
  • Characteristic line recording of fans
  • Automatic nozzle control

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