Adjustment test bench for room sensors

Low flow measurement, air conditioning

Room sensors should measure the ambient conditions in rooms such as temperature, relative humidity, CO2 values, smells etc. in order to ensure comfort in a room. Obtaining reproducible measurements of the room temperature is extremely challenging as various effects influence the temperature measurement. With the calibration test bench, precise air flows can be set despite low flow velocities. The solution concept therefore consists of a channel in the channel system. In the inner channel (orange) the air flow, i.e. the flow profile and the flow velocity are precisely controlled at the room sensor. The outer channel (blue) is responsible for conditioning the inner channel. Different flow velocities under different ambient conditions can thus be realized on the test item.

Technical data

Flow rate in the air-conditioned
<0.1…0.3 m/s
CO2 levels in the air conditioned
400…2000 ppm
Humidity in the air-conditioned
5…80 % rh
Temperature in the airconditioned
10…40 °C
Turbulence degreeLaminar flow


  • Regulation and control of environmental conditions
  • Low and high flow velocities
  • High measurement accuracy – laminar flow

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