Flow velocity measurement

for air and other gases

In the area of ​​flow velocity measurement for air and gases, EPE offers both its own systems and systems from our japanese partner Kanomax.

EPE offers wind tunnels in various flow areas and designs (Eiffel Canal or Göttingen Canal). If necessary, the wind tunnels can be conditioned (pressure, temperature, humidity, CO2 content). As a rule, wind tunnels are used to calibrate wind flow velocity meters or for aerodynamic measurements on models.

In the field of speed measurement, we were able to win with our Japanese partner Kanomax a traditional manufacturer that has decades of experience in the field of flow velocity measurement.

We offer the Smart LDV systems (Laser Doppler Velocity measurement) for contactless determination of the absolute velocity at different measuring points, hot wire anemometer for frequency measurement or determination of the turbulence intensity of air flows and multi-channel anemometer for determination of the average velocity of air flows. With the Amenity Manikin, the comfort, e.g. be determined in the car or in air-conditioned rooms.

  • Wind tunnel (EP)
  • Smart LDV (Kanomax)
  • Hot-Wire Anemometer (Kanomax)
  • Multi-Channel Anemometer (Kanomax)
  • Amenity Manikin (Kanomax)

Wind tunnels and flow meters for flowing gases


  • Calibration of flow velocity meters
  • Aearodynamic measurements on models / simulation of flow profiles on models
  • Velocity measurement on components that are difficult to access or in extreme conditions (aggressive media or high temperatures)
  • Performance tests and optimization of all types of fans
  • Determination of the feeling of comfort, e.g. in the car or in air-conditioned rooms


High measurement accuracy

Large pressure & temperature ranges

Adapted to test standards


Wind tunnelSmart-LDVHot Wire AnemometerMulti-Channel AnemometerAmenity Manikin
Main applicationVelocity measurement; flow generationMeasurement of absolute velocityFrequency analysis and determination of turbulence intensityMeasurement of average velocity / velocity distributionTest manikin for visualization of cabin thermal environment and comfort
Measurement principleMeasurement with laminar flow element
(Conversion to speed taking into account the conditions in the measurement volume)
Laser Doppler velocity measurement (Tracer particle required)Thermal measurement principle
(CTA – Constant Temperature Anemometry)
Thermal measurement principleThermal measurement principle
Velocity range0.15…50 m/s-40…260 m/sDepending on the sensor (0.01…100 m/s)Depending on the sensor (0.01…50 m/s)0.1…5 m/s
Measurement accuracy< 1.5 % MV + 0.03 % EVDepends on calibration precisenessProbes up to 100°C: ±2% of indicated value or 0.02 m/s whichever greater
Probes up to 120°C: ±3% of indicated value or 0.02 m/s whichever greater
0.1 to 2 m/s:±0.05 m/s 2 to 5 m/s:±0.10 m/s
MediumAirIndependent from medium as the measurement is non-invasive (but: Tracer particles and optical access are required)AirAirAir
R&D applicationsCalibration of anemometers (flow rate sensors) – both calorimetric and mechanical; Flow investigations on components, models, etc.; Thermal tests on components under defined conditionsAerodynamics Fundamental Research, Aerodynamic and hydraulic property measurements in wind tunnels or in water channels, Measurements in combustion, rotating equipmentAerodynamics Fundamental Research,
Flow measurement in wind tunnel experiments,
Turbulent flow measurement,
Investigation on noise generated by air flow
Aerodynamics Research,
Product Development
Industrial applicationsYes, in R&D department (see above)Yes, in R&D department (see above)Yes, in R&D department (see above)Ventilation monitoring for energy efficient building,
Evaluate cooling efficiency in the electronic device,
Production Control
Interior cabin comfort evaluation
Key BenefitAerodynamic measurements on modelsNon-invasive measurement of absolute velocity with compact LDV instrumentMeasurement of turbulence or small fluctuation of air flow at high frequency responseMeasurement of air velocity, air temperature and humidity at multi points simultaneously. Digital as well as analogue output are possible128 sensors for velocity, temperature, humidity and radiant heat, uniformly distributed over a test manikin

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