WT10 Wind Tunnel

Tempered wind tunnel for small flow velocities

EPE builds test benches and systems for all sectors and industries for customers worldwide. With the development of a high-temperature wind tunnel, we offer our customers new possibilities for flow measurements in high-quality wind channels. The special feature of the WT10, according to the Goettingen design, is the temperature control of the open jet at temperatures of up to +105°C at very slow flow velocities of 0.5 m/s to 10 m/s. Despite the high temperatures, the turbulence of the flow can be reduced to a minimum even at very low speeds. The test bench is also suitable for speed calibration at different temperatures, as well as functional tests on components with a tempered surrounding flow. The system is controlled by a PC with NI measurement data acquisition hardware and a measurement and control software under LabVIEW.

Technical data

Flow veloctiy0.5…10 m/s
Measurement accuracy±0.1 m/s
Degree of turbulence0.5…2 m/s ±3%
2…10 m/s ±1%
Temperature rangeRT…105°C


  • High temperature range
  • Very low degree of turbulence over the complete speed & temperature range
  • Continuous adjustment by means of a measuring element in the duct, no disturbing measuring element in the outlet nozzle
  • Compact dimensions, in spite of the Gottingen design

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