Temperature-Aging-Test Bench

Longterm-testing of charge air coolers (CAC)

The test bench is designed for long-term tests (endurance test) of e.g. charge air coolers with automatic system control, measurement and data acquisition. The system is equipped with two independent loop systems (Loop 1 & Loop 2). Loop 1 is a pressurized internal loop with air heating. The test air can be heated up to 300°C. Loop 2 represents the external loop and is operated with air under atmospheric conditions to recool the test item. By a water-cooled heat exchanger the test air can be cooled down to 30°C. The air mass flow is measured once central by a venturi tube. The measurements of the test items take place in a test chamber in which up to six test items can be tested simultaneously. The system is controlled by a PC with data acquisition hardware and measurement and control software under LabVIEW.

Technical data

6 x Pressure (loop 1) 0…4 bar
6 x Pressure (loop 2)800…1200 bar
6 x Temperature
(each loop 1 & loop 2)
(each loop 1 & loop 2)
0…90% rH
*This is only an exemplary Interpretation and
may change for your application.


  • Long-term aging test of charge air coolers
  • Endurance testing of plastic or steel components
  • Temperature range up to 300°C
  • Testing of several test items simultaneously

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