Internal Pressure Cycle Test Bench

Operation & endurance test

The test bench is used to test e.g. charge air coolers of motor vehicles by pressure cycle tests in continuous operation. Up to 6 intercoolers can be tested simultaneously in this application. The setup contains a thermally insulated test chamber with a mounting frame for fixing the test specimens. Due to the advantageous closed loop design, homogeneous temperature and pressure curves can be precisely adjusted. The temperature of the test chamber is controlled in a range between 30 and 200°C. Different pressure gradients (static, triangular, trapezoidal, sinusoidal) can be controlled for all test specimens via two highly dynamic flow / pressure control valves. The system is controlled by a PC with data acquisition hardware and measurement and control software under LabVIEW. All measured values (temperature, pressure, mass flow etc.) are visualized and stored by the system control.

Technical data

Temperature test chamber30…200°C
Temperature test airRT…250°C
Test pressure0…5 bar
Cycle time0.5…60 sec
*This is only an exemplary interpretation and
can change for your application.


  • Any temperature profiles
  • Wide temperature ranges
  • “Closed Loop” design for energy-saving operation
  • Different pressure gradients

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