Test bench for turbochargers

Flow measurement & cross-section determination

The aim of the charger test is to qualify the condition (the free cross-section) of the internal geometry of the turbine depending on the control. This measurment task is secured by measuring the current air volume flow. This means that the free cross-section of the test item can be determined in a more reproducible manner, as the changes in density due to variable atmospheric pressure and temperature do not affect the result (these values can only be kept constant with great effort). The test set-up includes two complete test sections with control that are operated independently of one another (parallel operation).

Technical data

Mass flow40…500 kg/h
Mediumair, compressed air
Differential pressure across DUTup to 300 mbar
Highest accuracy± 1% MV

Application examples

  • Low flow testing of turbochargers
  • Pairing of 2 turbochargers for engines with 2 turbochargers


  • Compact design
  • Different controls possible: Vacuum, Analog, CAN, Sent
  • Highest accuracy ± 1% MV
  • High reproducibility