GasPro – Mobile gas sampler

Representative cyclical gas sampling to determine gas quality in the gas network

Analysing the gas quality in the gas network is essential to monitor technical specifications and ensure correct billing. The GasPro is a mobile gas sampler, with which cyclic sampling can be carried out easily and flexibly at any point from dry gas networks. The samples are collected in a sample cylinder in the GasPro and can then be analysed in a laboratory. The GasPro allows the separation of sampling and sample analysis and is therefore more cost effective and flexible than for example fixed installed gas chromatographs.

Technical data

Approved sample cylinder pressure4…8 bar abs.
Inlet pressure at GasPro4,5…8,5 bar overpressure (1,5 bar higher than the selected sample cylinder pressure)
Max. Operating Pressure16 bar
Temperature range-20…+50 °C
Supply voltage230 VAC / optional 24 VDC
Sample cylinder volume500 ml
Error limit for HS calorific value
(including analysis)
0,112 kWh/m³


Natural gas quality
Assessment of natural gas quality with respect to corresponding
regulations (e.g. DVGW) e.g. at network interconnection points and in supply areas with feed-in involving differing gas qualities.

Validation of gas quality tracking systems (SmartSim) – comparison of simulated gas parameters with actual analysis values via GasPro samples.

Biogas quality
Determination of gas parameters at biogas plants.

Hydrogen quality
Determination of hydrogen purity.

Process gas quality
Determination of different process gas qualities
(available process gases on request).

Official calibration regulation of gas characteristics, PTB approval

GasPro is approved by PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany) for use in gas parameter custody transfer assessment, e.g. for validation of gas quality tracking systems. Due to the optimized gas sampling process with the GasPro the error limit of calorific value is
HS = 0.112 kWh/m³ (including analysis).

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