Fan Test Benches

Measurement & characteristic curve determination of fans and blowers

EPE BTB fan and blower test benches are designed for the measurement and characteristic line recording of fans and blowers according to DIN EN ISO 5801. The individual test benches can be designed for various volume flow ranges from 1.5 to 100,000 m³/h. The chamber pressure can be varied between ± 2500 Pa and more, depending on the design. This allows the
simulation of different load conditions on the test item.

The performance measurement is carried out in accordance to DIN EN ISO 5801 and serves as verification for customers in production and maintenance. Characteristic curve determination is a key factor in the development and optimization of fans. The purpose is to provide energy-efficient fans and blowers with high efficiency and low energy consumption over the widest possible operating range. The optimization of fan series requires very high measurement accuracy and reproducible measurement results. The use of specific measuring elements enables a measurement accuracy of up to 0.5% MV on the EPE BTB test benches.

Technical data

Flow rangeUp to 100,000 m³/h
Measurement accuracyUp to 1% MV (Optional 0.5% MV)*
Measurement range1:100*
Pressure± 2500 Pa (and more)
*Depending on the measuring element used:
e.g. Laminar Flow elements, Venturi nozzles,
Wilson Grid Flow Sensor, Measuring Panel, Ultrasonic

Optimum measuring section design

Depending on the required measuring range, we select the optimum measuring section, e.g. LFE, venturi, ultrasonic meter, etc., for your system. With Laminar Flow Elements (LFEs), for example, wide measuring ranges of up to 1:100 with high measurement accuracy can be achieved using only one measuring element. If the measurement range is even wider, different
measurement paths can be combined.

Compact characteristic curve test benches

The compact characteristic curve test benches have a universal clamping plate for testing different test items (e.g. radial and axial fans). The hose connection allows the auxiliary blower to be operated in a separate room for noise reduction. The automatic characteristic curve determination is carried out via the individual and user-friendly software with LabVIEW.


  • Measurement of fans and blowers
  • Identification of characteristics on HVACs for vehicles
  • Testing of extractor hoods, ventilation systems, etc.
  • Characteristic curve determination for valves

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