HPPP480 Calibration system for gas meters with natural gas

The calibration system serves as a standard for the calibration of gas meters of natural gas. The supply of natural gas occurs directly from a pipeline. The gas used for calibration is then fed back into the pipeline. The system consists of the piston prover as a primary standard. Sonic nozzles for flow stabilization and as secundary standard. Turbine meters as reference standards. The Piston prover is traceable to the sizes both in terms of length and time. The system is optionally equipped with a calibration device for the diameter and length of the measuring tube.

Technical data

MediumNatural gas
Pressure rangemax. 100 bar
Temperature range12…25°C
Volume flow8…480 m³/h
Uncertainty of geometric
calibrated volume
≤ 0.02% (k=2)
Uncertainty of the secondary standard (G250)
Without calculating the secondary effects
≤ 0.1% (k=2)
Uncertainty of the secondary standard (G250)
With calculation of the secondary effects
≤ 0.07% (k=2)


  • Nozzle register with calibration as a secondary standard
  • Calibration set-up for diameter
  • Calibration set-up for length
  • Gas temperature control


  • High-precision calibration standard: Uncertainty up to ≤ 0.07% (k=2)
  • Variable calibration pressure up to 100 bar
  • Traceability to the SI units in length and time

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