Stationary gas analyzer – maMoS

Gas monitoring and analysis

MaMoS is the alternative to large, complex CEMS systems, as the device is in no way inferior to the CEMS systems in terms of functions and performance, but offers great advantages in terms of price. It has a modular structure and can be adapted to individual customer needs with accessories and extensions. Powerful software allows the measuring device to be adjusted for a wide variety of requirements.

Stationary gas analyzer– maMoS

Technical data

Operating conditionsT: 10 °C ≤ 50 ° C; rH: 5% ÷ 90% (nicht kondensierend)
Power consumption (analyzer only)30W max.
Data loggerSD flash card | max. 4GB | The number of results is practically unlimited
Gas pump: type | maximum gas flow | standard gas flowDiaphragm 1.5 l / min (90 l / h) – with automatic flow control | max 2l / min


  • The standard configuration consists of up to 6 sensors (NDIR and electrochemical).
  • Up to 8 sensors in an extreme, unique configuration
  • Compact, split and double split configurations
  • Data logger with SD card for recording results
  • Communication with PC via various interfaces (USB, LAN, RS485 and MODBUS)