Flow generator

Simulating breathing air flows for the calibration of flow sensors (air)

The test bench is used to calibrate air flow sensors for lung function diagnostics and is designed for simulating the human breathing air. By using a piston system, constant flows and flow profiles such as sine, trapezoid or freely selectable curves can be generated via data point input (flow generator).

Technical data

Flow range0.0025…20 l/s
Acceleration0…1400 l/s
Position of the piston0…330 mm
Pressure measurement
-100…100 mbar (±0.1% FS)

Flow measurement in medical industry

The test system is particularly characterized by the generation of stable flows in the low flow volume range. In the medical industry it is used to adjust or calibrate flow sensors, for example to measure human respiration. The human breathing velocity is very fast – the use of the piston system makes it possible to generate high flow rates and to regulate and, if necessary, adjust them at the same time.


  • High dynamic
  • Freely selectable volume flow curves
  • Traceable calibration of the volume flow