VMF® – VenturiMasterFlow®

Flow measurement of air and gases

We develop and manufacture venturi tubes and nozzles as individual components or as complete VMF® systems. The VenturiMasterFlow® measuring system, or VMF® for short, is used for the precise measurement of air or gas volume and mass flows. The core of the VMF® system is the FlowProcessor, a PC system with appropriate data acquisition hardware. The PC system can either be a laptop, embedded system or, in the case of larger measuring systems, a rack PC. The software developed under LabVIEW is operated either via the touchscreen or with a mouse and keyboard. Volume flow measurements up to 100,000 m³/h venturi nozzles with low permanent pressure loss flow measurement for gases with high temperatures are possible.

Technical specification

Flow rangeUp to 100.000 m³/h
Measurement accuracyUp to 0,5% MV
Responsiveness< 10 ms
Temperature rangeCustomer specific


  • Transfer standard for flow calibrations
  • Volume flow measurement of hot gas, e.g. exhaust gases
  • Gas conditioning

Measurement principle

At the narrowest point of the pipe, the dynamic pressure (dynamic pressure) is maximum when a gaseous or liquid medium flows through the Venturi nozzle. The static pressure is minimal. The velocity of the flowing medium increases in the ratio of the cross-sections as it flows through the narrowing cross-section, since the same amount flows through everywhere. At the same time, the pressure in the sampling tube drops. This creates a differential pressure, which is then used in various measuring devices or for the suction of liquids or gases.

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