Chillventa eSpecial October 13-15, 2020

EP-E is virtual & international!

Media or air conditioning is used as a test technique for environmental simulation or temperature control of the ambient air of components. The temperature ranges start at -20°C and usually end at around 60°C. Depending on the application, we can offer you customer-specific temperature, pressure or humidity ranges.

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Our speaker Ms. Kerstin Bauereiß will give you an insight into air conditioning and environmental simulation.

How to optimize environmental simulation in HVAC: Test concepts illustrated by heat pump testing

The HTP heat pump test bench is a system highlight. The HPT heat pump test bench is a closed-loop test bench for functional testing of air-water heat pumps according to DIN EN 14511. The advantageous closed-loop design uses an insulated chamber with conditioning units for temperature and humidity outside the chamber. The conditioned air flows in a closed loop. With this structure, excellent, uniform temperature and humidity conditions are achieved throughout the chamber.

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