Simulating breathing air flows

Measurement technology in the medical industry The flow generator for calibrating flow sensors (air) for lung function diagnostics is a current system highlight. The test system is particularly characterized by the generation of stable flows in the low flow volume range. In the medical industry it is used to adjust or calibrate flow sensors, for

Chillventa eSpecial October 13-15, 2020

EP-E is virtual & international! Media or air conditioning is used as a test technique for environmental simulation or temperature control of the ambient air of components. The temperature ranges start at -20°C and usually end at around 60°C. Depending on the application, we can offer you customer-specific temperature, pressure or humidity ranges. Save the

DAkkS extension application & calibration laboratory – location opening in China

In addition to the current DAkkS accreditation scope for the measurement variables volume and mass flow of flowing gases from our calibration laboratory in Niederstetten, another application process has already been started at DAkkS for the measurement variables temperature, humidity, absolute, differential and relative pressure in order to offer you an even greater range of

Reliability & Precision at high pressure: Flow meter low flow gas meter

The rotary positive displacement (RPD) reference gas meters GM4 and GM16 meet the highest demands on reliable and accurate reference gas flow measurement down to 0.01 m³/h. Due to their special, patent-pending impeller design pulsation free operation is realized. They reach an excellent measurement accuracy of 0.5 % MV + 0.005 % EV. Both versions