by Kirsten Controlsystems

Measuring boxes

Innovative measured value acquisition:
For analog and digital signals

The measuring boxes are used for the acquisition of voltage and current signals, temperatures with thermocouples or resistance sensors, digital input signals of status messages or pulses or also the output of standard signals +/-10V or 0-20mA. Due to their modular design, the measuring boxes are individually equipped to the customer’s measuring task.

By using the Raspberry Pi 3B, which was equipped with a specially developed interface circuit board and measurement software to form a “Raspi measurement controller = RMC”, the following functions become possible:
  • Data storage
  • Communication via WLAN and mobile network
  • Value display via monitor and app
  • Interface circuit board with 4 analog and 4 digital inputs/outputs each
The measuring boxes are available in two sizes:
  • MBI16 with up to max. 16 signal inputs
  • MBI32 for max. 32 + 16 signal inputs
Frontansicht der MessBox MBI16-8UIE

RasPi-Measuring controller RMC

Integration of measurement technology into modern information technologies

An interface board has been developed for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer for the following functions:
  • Integration of measuring modules and measuring boxes with RS485 interface
  • Integration of measuring devices with RS232 interface
  • Acquisition of 4 or 7 analog voltage or current signals
  • Acquisition of 4 digital signals that can be configured as counters
  • 4 digital outputs to control a relay board

With the WLAN function of the Raspberry Pi 3B, hotspot operation is possible for setting up a network for wireless measurement data transmission from several measurement points and with the MBI type measurement boxes. In addition, the measured values and calculated results can be displayed in an Android app.

RMC in top-hat rail housing